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Community guidelines

Adhere to Youtube's community guidelines

Every video presented on TubeSpark must adhere to YouTube's community guidelines, which may be found at Community guideline.

One account per user

Accounts should be unique per individual. If you have multiple Youtube accounts you'd like to promote, please contact and explain your situation.

Keep it civil

Threats of violence or harassment, discriminatory and abusive statements will not be tolerated, including racial slurs and excessive profanity. Videos, descriptions and usernames should be kept friendly for a general audience.

Personal YouTube channel

You must be the owner or an autorized representative of all content you upload to TubeSpark, including the YouTube channel you represent.

Personal content

Youtube channels and video must be aimed towards content you create, including personal vlogs, lets plays with commentary or music you've composed or own the rights to. Compilation and clip videos channels are not allowed and should not be used to represent your channel, including television and movie clips without commentary, or gameplay without context.

Don't try to game the system

We reserve the right to suspend or ban any account for any reason. The guidelines presented here should be taken in good faith, and attempts to exploit the system through loopholes may result in getting banned from TubeSpark.