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[2018.03.13] Because you asked for it

You guys have been sending me a ton of suggestions, along with a few bug reports, and I've been hard at work trying to update the site accordingly. There's still plenty more to do, but I think this'll be a big step forward. Here are a few of the changes I've made:

  • Users will now remain logged in when returning to the website
  • YouTubers may now reset their ratings after 14 days by changing their video (resetting votes is optional)
  • Better detection of bad YouTube channels and videos
  • A temporary patch for the level achievement was applied
  • Numerous bugs have also been adressed

Please continue sending me those suggestions and reports, I am taking care of them!

[2018.03.04] Security patch

Hey everyone,

I'm sorry to say that I've been notified of a potential security issue with TubeSpark, which has since been rectified. File listings were left open, which means that someone could access the files, including passwords to the SQL database. I have since recreated the access to the database and secured it.

Note that your passwords are encrypted through a one way individual encryption, so only through brute force could your passwords be hacked. However, users are always encouraged to review their passwords regularly, and especially when a breach occurs.

I encourage anyone who has any questions to contact me by email or through Discord and I'll be happy to respond to any questions. I messed up and am deeply sorry about the situation. I'll continue to work hard to secure the server and to improve TubeSpark as a whole.

Thank you for your understanding.

[2018.03.02] Session saving

Hey guys! I've made a few more updates to the system, namely one everyone's been requesting: the ability to remain logged in when you leave the website and return. Should have been there from the start and I'm happy to have it in now. Keep those suggestions coming, I'm making good use of them!

[2018.02.24] First update

It's only been a few days since TubeSpark has launched and the reception has been phenomenal. Some YouTubers have reported over 15% of their watch time coming from TubeSpark, and its all thanks to you guys. I've been hard at work getting some of the new features you've been requesting. Here's a short list of some of the updates performed:

  • Changed the visual layout a little to make it a bit nicer
  • Viewers can now gain more xp by watching content creators for longer
  • Leaderboards now prioritize registered YouTubers
  • Some badges now provide further details by placing the mouse over them
  • Numerous bugs have also been adressed

Please continue to send me your ideas, I'm keeping a list and will continue updating the site accordingly!

[2018.02.18] TubeSpark is LIVE

Today I'm proud to announce the launch for the beta of TubeSpark, a new free web platform aimed at helping niche YouTubers get discovered.

YouTube recently announced that the parameters for monetization would be changed. YouTubers now require 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watched content over the last year. These stricter rules, coupled by the difficulty to get noticed within the YouTube ecosystem, has lead to the launch of this platform. There is a lot of great content to be discovered at all viewership levels, and I hope that TubeSpark can help to that end.

I encourage users to file new ideas, feedback and bug reports through the Feedback button at the top of each page. And I hope you will all find some great new YouTube content to watch.